Ophelia's Collection Limited Quantity Reservation Begins Soon!

Hello everyone!

After a year of hard work and dedication from our 2 person team, our first original character and sustainable jewelry collection is finally coming to fruition! Ophelia's Collection will be available to reserve in the very near future!



Ophelia's Collection will feature 2 beautiful necklace and earring sets:

  • The Lunar Phase Princess Necklace, with matching Nightwing Earrings
    • An elegant festoon princess length necklace, featuring a 55mm wide Ophelia pendant and adorned with uniquely designed moon phase charms.
    • Magical bat wing pendant earrings featuring moon phase cut outs.
  • The Starry Skies Necklace, with matching Falling Stars Earrings
    • A lovely matinee length necklace, featuring a 55mm wide Ophelia pendant flanked on each side by 7 lucky stars
    • Stellar drop earrings featuring 5 falling star charms, ending in a large star charm.

All pieces in the collection will be available in 100% recycled, nickel-free sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil. More images will be available soon, but for now enjoy a Starry Skies Necklace stock photo preview!


How does the Limited Quantity Reservation work - I hear you ask:

We are currently awaiting stock to come in for our very limited quantity first drop of Ophelia's Collection. You have the opportunity to reserve pieces in the collection so you can be guaranteed to be one of the first people to own a piece! 

We have an estimated ship date of early to mid October for the first drop. All reservations for the limited first drop placed by US based customers will be delivered before Halloween. International customers will likely receive their pieces before Halloween as well-- it all depends on your country's customs procedures. 

We are working with our jewelry studio partners to have a second drop ready as soon as possible, but it takes time for the skilled artisans we work with to create high quality pieces. Because of this the second drop may arrive to customers after Halloween. We will post as soon as we have a more concrete idea of when the second drop will be available.


How much will the reservations cost?

The reservations are full retail price. The prices for the collection are as follows:

  • Starry Skies Necklace:
    • Sterling Silver - $235 USD
    • 18k Gold Vermeil - $245 USD
  • Falling Stars Earrings:
    • Sterling Silver - $110
    • 18k Gold Vermeil - $115
  • Lunar Phase Princess Necklace
    • Sterling Silver - $255
    • 18k Gold Vermeil - $265
  • Nightwing Earrings
    • Sterling Silver - $110
    • 18k Gold Vermeil - $115

While there is no first and second payment option for this reservation, we are set up to take pay-over-time purchases from various services. Please select the one that works best for you during check out if you would like to use a pay-over-time option.

How will I know when the Reservation Period will begin?

We will of course update here on our website blog, but the best way to keep up to date on all Misty Comet happenings is over on our instagram! Give us a follow and turn on notifications for our posts for the best chance of getting in on our very limited quantity first drop.


We are so excited for everyone to see this gorgeous collection!

We can't wait for you all to meet Ophelia in person. We are very much looking forward to seeing the beautiful coordinates and outfits everyone puts together featuring her! Please tag us in any instagram posts featuring Ophelia after you have received your reservations.

Until next time!

-Taylor, designer & co-owner

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