Ophelia's Collection Reservation is Live!

Our first release's reservation is live now! We have 2 necklace designs available, with 2 matching earring designs!

☽Ophelia's Lunar Phase Princess Necklace☾

With matching ☽Nightwing Earrings☾

Ophelia's Starry Skies Necklace

With matching Falling Star Earrings


We have a very limited stock for the reservation available; just 15 of each item in each colorway!

Our 18k gold vermeil samples were a bit late to arrive, so we will be taking stock photos and adding those to the listings in the very near future. However, the gold vermeil colorway is still available to reserve in the mean time for anyone so inclined!

We are also happy to inform our customers our sterling silver pieces will now come with premium rhodium plating. Rhodium is an extremely expensive, tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic precious metal with a bright silver tone. It is often used in plating white gold and sterling silver to give it a beautiful shine and make it easier to care for-- especially sterling silver, as without any plating it can tarnish quite easily.

All orders in the reservation will include the premium rhodium plating at no extra cost!

After the reservation our sterling silver pieces will be the same price as the gold vermeil to offset the cost of adding the rhodium plating.

We hope this decision to include premium tarnish resistant plating makes it easier for you to have your dreams and wear them too!!

Thank you so much to our customers who have ordered during this reservation already, especially if you braved the technical issues we had right at launch. We are so happy you love our designs and we can't wait to see you wearing them!!

Til next time

-Taylor, designer & co-owner

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