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Ophelia's Falling Star Earrings

Ophelia's Falling Star Earrings

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Ophelia the Batcat has drifted down from the Misty Comet to bring her collection of treasures as a gift for all the dreamers out there.

These lovely 4.5cm (~2") celestial drop earrings feature 5 falling stars, ending in a 1cm (~.4") wide star charm. The Falling Star earrings pair well with Ophelia's Starry Skies Necklace, or look stellar on their own!

Available in 100% recycled hypoallergenic Sterling Silver with tarnish resistant hypoallergenic Rhodium Plating or 18k Gold Vermeil.

Our pieces are ethically sourced and hand made by skilled artisans in a Responsible Jewellery Council certified facility.




    Misty Comet uses only high quality, nickel-free, 100% recycled .925 sterling silver with either rhodium plating or 18k gold vermeil.

    18k gold vermeil uses a 2.5 micron thick layer of 100% recycled 18k gold on top of sterling silver. "Vermeil" simply means gold over silver with at least 2.5 micron thickness of gold. Gold vermeil is more resilient than typical gold plating, which can be as little as .1 micron especially on less expensive pieces.

    Rhodium is a hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant precious metal with a beautiful bright silver color. We use .5 microns of 100% recycled rhodium to plate our silver to make it easier to care for. Rhodium is a stronger metal than gold so it requires less plating to add the same tarnish protection. Sterling silver without any plating is not tarnish resistant and requires much more care.


    While our rhodium plated .925 Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil are tarnish resistant, they still require some care to stay shiny and beautiful. Caring for your jewelry will give it the longest life, and allow the vermeil and plating to last years. 

    Tips for preventing tarnishing & making plating last:

    ★Make sure to add your Misty Comet piece as the last step of your routine after any moisturizers, make up or perfumes. Let any creams, sprays etc settle into your hair or skin before adding your Misty Comet jewelry.

    ★Be sure to remove the piece before showering or exercising. If your piece gets wet, make sure to dry gently but thoroughly as soon as possible.

    ★Use a jewelry cleaning cloth to polish and remove any residue before storing, especially if you are storing for a long period of time before wearing again.

    ★Store in an acid free environment when not in use, such as the 100% recycled vegan suede jewelry pouches we package our pieces in.


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